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Today's economy is driven by technology and there exists data on how every person spends his/her life. Whether you're carrying out a social experiment or running a business, there is something to be studied from that data, but being aware of what to do with that heap of information is a big task intrinsically.
Determining how to conclusively dig through data to draw conclusions which can support your cause is a significant but daunting task to take up, but with Cogneesol's Data Analysis Services, it becomes quite feasible for you to sort through all the answers that are hidden in the apparently unlimited amount of data. We extend thorough data analysis services that allow you to effectively interpret cardinal points of your respective industry and help make educated decisions depending upon the hard facts collected by our experts.

How Does Data Analysis Work?

Data analysis comprises of inspecting data followed by cleaning, transforming and modeling it to emphasize on crucial pieces of information ,which enables you to make major decisions related to your business. Data analysis is important for the success of your business considering the fact that it informs you about both opportunities as well as risks your business is facing. When meticulously sorted, modeled and presented, it is an extremely beneficial tool when it comes to making decisions within your organization.
Cogneesol makes use of several statistical tools to examine the data sets. Based on the kind of analysis being done and what results you require, we will use a combination of the tools, such as Cluster Analysis, Factor Analysis, F and T Test, Correlations, Frequent Analysis and many more.
To perform analysis and showcase the findings, we make use of various software tools including Microsoft Excel.

An Overview of Our Data Analysis Services:

There are a couple of methods that we employ to analyze and digest data. When creating your data analysis report, we offer the following options:

Data Cleansing:

There are chances that the data gathered can be inaccurate and if not correctly cleansed, it may lead to inaccurate results that could negatively affect your important business decisions. We will audit your data, get rid of the errors and make sure it is insightful for analysis.

Data Quality:

Data quality, in totality, can be assessed to reduce errors and assure its effectiveness. This is one of the initial steps of analysis and is measured with the help of tools such as mean, standard deviation, median, associations and normality. If you want to ensure accurate results, data auditing is your answer.

Analysis of Missing Observations:

We look for missing variables and check whether those missing variables are missing randomly. We likewise ensure that the variables that are missing are not more than 25%, and act accordingly, if imputation is necessary by any means. This step is important in order to maintain the integrity of the data.

Analysis of Extreme Observations:

If the data is disrupted by the outliers, we examine them to find out what actions are required to be taken to correct them.

Analysis of Homogeneity:

We assess the consistency of the data as a whole and, consequently, how dependable it is in our analysis. In case any particular item is deleted from the scale, we evaluate its implications on the Cronbach's Alpha and its influence on your data


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